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With ZipWhip planning to shut down their service, the search for a new text message provider has begun. With many vendors offering generic texting capabilities, finding the secure, compliant and integrated solutions designed for Credit Unions and Community Banks is challenging. 

Eltropy provides Enterprise-Class Omni-Channel Digital Communication Solution that goes beyond generic Texting, and is designed to impact Credit Unions and Community Banks from the ground up.

Join our customer success webinar, where you’ll hear from Staci Schoenrock, Director of Credit Resolutions at Fort Community Credit Union, about why she, along with 40 other Credit Unions, has made the switch from ZipWhip to Eltropy.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why Fort Community Credit Union moved from ZipWhip to Eltropy
  • The challenges and benefits of switching from ZipWhip to a secure & compliant omnichannel solution
  • Why over 40 Credit Unions have already switched from ZipWhip to Eltropy              
  • Why 400+ Credit Unions have executed their digital strategy with All-In-One solution from Eltropy and have seen over 800% ROI

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