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ChatGPT is here, and its impacts on the world have been immediate and resounding. The ability to create high-quality, human-sounding content in a flash is having a profound effect on numerous industries, including the financial space.
At Eltropy, we firmly believe that creating more conversations with consumers is key to the success of any community financial institution. However, while ChatGPT offers many benefits, there are also significant ambiguity surrounding compliance, proper usage, use case fit, and more. So, how can community financial institutions prepare to implement and thrive using ChatGPT?
The webinar is led by Murali Mahalingam, SVP of AI Business, and Saahi Kamath, Head of AI Product. They delve into the impact ChatGPT will have on credit unions, covering:
  • ChatGPT's overall place in the credit union world
  • How we plan to use ChatGPT to enable our partners to expand their digital conversation capabilities
  • Common pitfalls in using ChatGPT and how we're tackling them

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