Fraudsters never rest, and neither should your efforts to protect your community financial institution (CFI). In our hotly anticipated webinar, we're bringing you the latest insights, tools, and strategies to combat the ever-increasing threat of fraud. Back in January, we explored the rising trend of fraud targeting CFIs and discussed essential tools such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), video verification, and voice recognition. Now, we dive deeper into this critical topic, highlighting the importance of continued vigilance as fraud rates soar.
Register now for our upcoming webinar, led by VP of Product & Strategy Tim Pranger, where we'll learn:
  • The latest trends, techniques, and tactics employed by fraudsters targeting CFIs
  • What are the most effective tools and technologies available to combat fraud, including advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, video verification, voice recognition, and more.
  • What to expect on the horizon of fraud-fighting technologies
  • See real-world case studies and success stories, as we share practical strategies employed by leading CFIs to strengthen their fraud prevention measures.

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