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The webinar will explain which tech trends community banks and credit unions need to be focused on to ensure success this year.

Recession. Widespread staffing shortages. Increasing fraud. Customer demands — and advancements in technology like we’ve never seen. Which trends will affect credit unions and community banks (CFIs) the most in 2023? Are you asking the right questions? Such as:

  • Will the threat of fraud ever go away?
  • Can my call center really become a revenue generator?
  • How will pending legislation around real-time payments and Open Finance affect our customers?
  • Should we really consider using TikTok?

Join us for this special 2023 kickoff webinar, where banking strategy expert David Hall will discuss the top 7 trends that CFIs like you should be focusing on in the coming year. You’ll discover:

  • Which trends are the most crucial to ensure success for your CFI this year
  • How the right digital strategies and tools can make or break your institution 
  • Examples of what’s working and what’s not in financial services

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